Government climate report warns of worsening USA disasters

The report, which is mandated by law every few years, is based on more than 1,000 previous research studies. In that time, the administration deleted federal webpages on climate science, proposed dramatic cuts to federal climate research and rolled back a number of regulations meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"In all seriousness, the willful denial and obfuscation by Trump on climate change is a crime against humanity".

An earlier portion of the climate change report was released in November 2017 and found "no convincing alternative explanation" for the changing climate other than "human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases".

A new US government report says climate change is affecting the United States. Right now we're at the cleanest we've ever been, it's very important to me. "What WH says is demonstrably false".

A chapter focusing on the transportation sector noted that in 2016 it became the top contributor to US greenhouse gas emissions. And that those changes in the climate produce more wild and unpredictable weather events, like tornadoes and fires. The findings are a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration's insistence that environmental regulations hurt jobs and hinder economic growth. The report's release surprised even its authors and came shortly after Trump inaccurately tweeted that cold weather on a single day disproves the theory of climate change. Where the hell is GLOBAL WARMING???

Since there is little or no chance, President Trump will change course, it is essential that states, local governments, and businesses do even more.

For Trump, fervently denying the existence of climate change is nothing new.

The report disputes those notions.

Still, the National Climate Assessment did little to move Washington politicians dug in on climate policy any closer to finding bipartisan solutions. Networks like Fox News, NBC and CNN have consistently allowed voices onto their programs that are deliberately untruthful, and their antics with the climate report are just the latest in a long history of bad-faith arguments and "both-sides"-ism". It said that projections of further damage could change if greenhouse gas emissions are sharply curbed, even though numerous impacts of climate change (including more frequent and more powerful storms, droughts and flooding) are already under way. Unless we start making some major changes - and soon - we face the very real potential of crossing the point of no return when it comes to the planet's warming, and the consequences that result from it.

On "Meet the Press", Sen. "Rural communities, where economies are more tightly interconnected with agriculture than with other sectors, are particularly vulnerable to the agricultural volatility related to climate".

"All the proposals I've seen so far that would address any of these issues would devastate the US economy and have little or no benefit that is demonstrable from our standpoint", he said. The administration also has a campaign for the production of fossil fuels like coal. That makes the U.S. the only country in the world not signed on to the global attempt to curb climate change.

The president said he read some of the report "and it's fine" but not the part about the devastating economic impact.

But it says that projections of future catastrophe could change if society works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and "to adapt to the changes that will occur".

He ended his commentary saying that it is not necessary to "make climate great again", just make the climate "normal" again.

Incoming Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY used the report to continue pushing her colleagues to take a more aggressive stance on climate policy.

Fact: climate change could cost the U.S. economy upward of $500 BILLION a year.

  • Wendy Palmer