Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals all its remaining fighters

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Ken from Street Fighter is an echo fighter of Ryu, while Incineroar from Pokémon Sun/Moon is a brand-new character with a lot of wrestling moves. Ultimate Nintendo Direct livestream before the game's release, Nintendo and Director Masahiro Sakurai have announced all-new details for the highly anticipated game. The final roster seems to disregard the leak that took place in October, which suggested Banjo-Kazooie would be added to the game, though the Microsoft-owned character could still be added to the game in future DLC. Significantly, it also outlined the last remaining mode: Spirits. Or, with Mega Man's Guts Man, who will power up the enemy to not flinch easily, and use more grabs and throws than usual.

Each fighter can equip one Primary Spirit, which enhances stats. You can team up with another person on the same Nintendo Switch for co-op matches online against other two-player teams. Humorously, the Piranha Plant has left its iconic green pipe and fights out of a pot instead. The Nintendo Online phone app will allow for voice chat, and a new app called Smash World will launch sometime after the game, which will focus on players sharing fun gameplay moments.

Check out all of today's Assist Trophy reveals in the video above!

Surprising no-one Nintendo confirmed that there'll be multiple sets of DLC which will include one fighter, level and music track, at a cost of £5.39/€5.99 per pack. None of these will be Echo Fighters. All the characters won't be known yet, but the pass is $24.99.

You'll get a free DLC taster in the form of Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros., but only if you buy the game before January 31.

  • Marlene Weaver