Snapdragon 855 processor for 5G phones revealed

Details on the Verizon/Samsung 5G Android-based smartphone launch are light for now. "How do I know this, you may wonder?"

As per the chipset manufacturer's claims, the Snapdragon 855 will feature the company's fourth generation, multi-core Qualcomm AI Engine, which will offer three times better AI performance compared to the previous generation platform for mobiles by Qualcomm.

Android smartphones look set for a major boost in 2019 with Qualcomm revealing its all-new Snapdragon 855 processor. Qualcomm employees from nearly every division - Engineering, R&D, Standards, Hardware - contributed to developing the technologies that make 5G possible.

T-Mobile is also developing its 5G network with an estimated roll-out of 2020.

Amid the stratospheric level of hype over 5G, network operators and regulators are jostling over exactly how they will portion out radio spectrum for the technology, and how much it will cost and who's going to pay for it. The problem here is that 855 is now equipped with X24 modem, and to achieve the connection to 5G, OEMs will have to use the chipset equipped with both X24 and X50 modems.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5K
5G coming to Samsung phones with new Qualcomm chips in 2019

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a little premature to get excited about 5G when 4G is hardly flawless. Now that we are talking about the next-generation networking technology in the present tense, will consumers be interested enough to adopt new devices exclusively for 5G?

It must sound like a bit of an echo, but during the first six months of 2019, AT&T will bolster its 5G devices line-up with a Samsung smartphone. Verizon and AT&T have already announced plans to build 5G-ready phones with Samsung next year, and so have LG and Sprint.

Of course, the security community has yet to perform real-world tests to push the sensor to its limits, so it's hard to judge whether the 3D Sonic Sensor is a genuine leap forward in security for mobile devices.

Qualcomm is, of course, talking up the Snapdragon 855's 5G capabilities as we get ready to head into the new frontier of the latest and greatest wireless networks. Well that was not an under-display sensor, but instead one that was put in the bottom bezel of the phone.

Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm, told attendees at the summit that 5G will provide the "foundation for virtually every other electronic device to become connected", and despite the reservations of some that 5G is not yet ready for prime time, the U.S. chip giant prides itself on "making the impossible, inevitable".

  • Fernando Stephens