United Kingdom disarray: May to face no-confidence vote by lawmakers

Theresa May has secured the backing of Conservative MPs to stay on as prime minister and finish the job of leading Britain out of the European Union - but only after promising to step aside before 2022.

Conservative Party MPs have triggered a vote of no confidence in the prime minister's leadership of the party following her decision to delay the vote on her Brexit deal.

Chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady confirmed that he has now received those letters, meaning the threshold for a vote of no confidence was reached.

The BBC is reporting that 158 Tory MPs are saying they will support May in the vote, which is the minimum number of votes she will need to survive. May's victory was far too narrow and she should resign.

Prior to that he was the country's longest-serving Health Secretary, a position he held for six years and which made him unpopular with medical staff staging their first all-out strike in the National Health Services' history.

What Happens During A Confidence Vote?

He called for the party to return to its roots with tax cuts and strong policing and urged May - against whom he ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party in the 2016 contest - to back a hard Brexit. May as a lame duck prime minister.

A senior Labour source made clear the party would continue to hold back on calling a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons, which could bring down the Government if more than half of MPs support it.

She did not say what she will do if, as many expect, there is an early United Kingdom election triggered by Britain's Brexit crisis. "But the word "intention" is a classic politician's word, because intentions can change".

British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a no-confidence vote, meaning she will stay on as the country's leader.

But while European Union leaders expressed sympathy for May's difficulties, they firmly rejected any attempt to reopen a Brexit deal that was only secured last month after 17 months of talks.

Conservative MPs will vote from 6-8pm this evening and a result is expected an hour or so later. Foster later said: "We emphasised that tinkering around the edges would not work".

"I have devoted myself unsparingly to these tasks ever since I became Prime Minister and I stand ready to finish the job", she added. The ship is almost into port, why drop the pilot now.

In a bid to win as much support as possible, May signalled that she would never again lead her party into an election against Labour.

In a statement outside No. 10 Downing Street before the vote, Ms.

That arithmetic can only be changed by a general election, an election that many Tory MPs in marginal seats simply can't countenance because of the real threat of Jeremy Corbyn running yet another poll-defying election campaign that could make him Prime Minister.

Ahead of the vote Theresa May faced questioning in the House of Commons as part of Prime Minister's Questions.

But if she wins, another challenge can not be mounted against her position as Tory leader for a year. That would mean May would stay on as "caretaker" PM while her party picks a successor.

The party restored voting rights to two lawmakers who had been suspended for misdeeds, bringing the total to 317 from 315 earlier in the day.

Her ministers began tweeting their support of Mrs May following the announcement of the contest.

Several past members of May's government - including former foreign minister Boris Johnson - have had their eyes on the premiership post.

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