Cortana no Longer an Alexa or Google Home Competitor

The last round of smartphones for the platform were released in the early fall of 2017, and according to recent estimates the Windows Phone market share checks in at less than 0.5 per cent.

Microsoft previously ended Windows Phone 8.1 support on July 11th 2017, so the end of Windows 10 Mobile support is not unexpected. A change to the Windows 10 Mobile support page was first spotted by Thurrott, a site that covers Microsoft. In a Microsoft support page titled “Windows 10 Mobile End of Support: FAQ” some questions are answered regarding the eventual drop of support for the Windows Phone platform.

The company states that it will now be focusing much more on supporting its mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Microsoft announced that it plans to end support for Windows 10 Mobile devices in December.

The end of support applies to all the Microsoft and Lumia devices.

Microsoft has released an FAQ for users who may still be using the Windows 10 Mobile handsets.

Microsoft said that after the end of support deadline, some important features may stop working.

We often talk about Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant in the same breath as Alexa and Google Assistant, but Microsoft doesn't think that's right.

If you wish to continue using your old Windows Mobile device, it would be advisable to backup your phone.

The latest effort asks about gaming on Windows 10. If you own a Windows 10 Mobile phone you should know that it will be possible to use it after the date of December 10, 2019, but you should know that you won't receive any new updates. Support for restoring a new device from an existing backup could even work up to a year after the December 10, 2019 deadline. You should be able to use it on Alexa, just like you use our apps on Android or iOS. Later, Microsoft took over and continued the production of the Lumia from Nokia.

In other words, the Windows Phone is dead.

KitGuru Says: While mimicking Apple's unified desktop and mobile experience was a little too good to be true, it isn't entirely unexpected to see Microsoft ditching Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Fernando Stephens