Giant spinning ice disk forms in ME river

"It's pretty wild to look at", Doug Bertlesman, a web developer who works in the area told the Herald.

Another local resident Rob Mitchell told the Press Herald: "There were ducks sitting on it".

A curious formation that's getting attention in Greater Portland is actually a spinning ice disk that is roughly 100 yards (91 meters) wide.

The ice circle, also known as an ice disc, first was spotted Monday and it kept growing.

An eerily flawless - and very big - circle of ice has appeared in the Presumpscot River. "The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan", he said.

Steven Daly of the Army Corps of Engineers' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory in Hanover, New Hampshire, told The New York Times that while the organization is alerted to one or two rotating ice disks in the country annually, they are rarely so large.

"The mysterious Ice Disk is still spinning today in Westbrook".

Photos of the circle went viral after being posted by Tina Radel, the city's marketing and communications director.

The City of Westbrook, Maine, is inviting fans of odd natural phenomena to come check out a massive ice disc rotating in the Presumpscot River - and perhaps you could patronize some local restaurants while you're at it.

Water is densest at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and as the disk cools the water around it, the water temperature falls to that magic number, causing water to sink and create a spin-driving vortex.

The city, located about seven miles west of Portland with a population of fewer than 20,000, is basking in the sudden media glare.

  • Joey Payne