Kamala Harris begins presidential campaign

Day that she is officially throwing her hat into the ring and seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2020.

The barrier-breaking first-term senator from California formally launched her 2020 campaign for the White House on Sunday in front of a crowd of 20,000 in her home city of Oakland. She also embraced nationalized health care insurance to the extent that she gladly stated that she would "eliminate" private insurance - you know, the insurance upon which the vast majority of Americans rely.

So far she has largely evaded attempts to pigeonhole her, allowing supporters to pitch her as a candidate that can unite the disparate...

Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Bernie Sanders of Vermont may also run.

United States senator Kamala Harris during her presidential campaign launch. During her time as California's attorney general, during the worst of the economic downturn, she found herself in a battle with the biggest mortgage bankers.

"Who among us has not had that situation?" she continued.

"And guys, let us understand what is happening here: people in power are trying to convince us that the villain in our American story in each other", Ms. Harris said, adding that "age-old forms of hate with new fuel", including racism, sexism and homophobia were real in America. When CBS "60 Minutes" anchor Anderson Cooper described her plan as "radical" in a January 4 interview, Ocasio-Cortez responded, "I think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country".

Ms Harris is among the first major Democrats to jump into what is expected to be a crowded 2020 presidential contest.

But Democrats, honing in on President Trump's personal unpopolarity, apparently mistake the public rejection of Trump's personal foibles for public warmth toward full-scale Leftism.

"Twenty six- and seven-year-old babies were massacred in Connecticut", Harris said, referring to the Sandy Hook shooting. Harris represents the kind some argue could have a greater appeal to the progressive base as well as an increasingly diverse nation, while a more centrist, traditional one like Hickenlooper might sell better in Midwest states that drifted from the party in 2016.

After the rally, Harris planned to her first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate.

Hickenlooper defended his environment credentials and sold himself as a pragmatist with a record of getting things done by working with both parties. The Republican National Committee shared the clip, and also said that her plan would cost $32.6 trillion, eliminate private plans, "devastate" Medicare and "double your income taxes".

Assuming severe winter weather doesn't get in his way, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of OH is the next possible presidential candidate scheduled to visit Iowa.

  • Aubrey Nash