National Weather Service Says the Chances are Improving for Weekend Snow

Snow will spread over the southwestern part of the state first on Saturday night, though the Hartford area won't see flakes until close to midnight, Lessor said.

There's the possibility of a couple of inches of snow Friday in New England.

According to the National Weather Service, widespread snowfall amounts of 4-to-7 inches are in the forecast during that time, with sustained winds in excess of 15 miles per hour and gusts up to 30 miles per hour likely. The changeover will keep snow accumulations to about a coating to an inch of snow in the city.

System number one will move in Thursday evening between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

NWS forecasters say precipitation types remain uncertain at this point, but there is "high confidence in a high liquid-equivalent event".

System snow is expected to diminish later in the day on Saturday, with lake-effect snow kicking in overnight.

Because snow will start during the afternoon of Friday, the evening commute will become slick and visibility will be low as the wind picks up. In Baltimore. we won't see the precipitation move in until Thursday evening.

Showers will wind down Friday afternoon with cold and breezy conditions lingering. Wind chills throughout the weekend could reach 18 degrees below zero at their worst.

The lower-elevation areas will not see as much snow, but there will be lots of ice.

Meteorologists expect a second, larger winter storm to track a similar path from Friday to Sunday night, potentially dumping more than a foot of snow along a stretch starting in IL, heading through NY and up to Maine. A flash freeze will be possible Monday as temperatures crash freezing the water leftover by the rain.

  • Rosalie Stanley