Anna Soubry’s Conservative Party resignation letter in full

Ms Ryan said that under Mr Corbyn, Labour had developed a "cult around the leader", driven by an " all-consuming narrative founded on rage, betrayal and the hunt for heretics".

Centrist members of Jeremy Corbyn's opposition Labour Party say their movement has swung too far to the hard left.

The tweet, now deleted, stated: "Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel", Sky News reported.

The development comes after seven Labour MPs quit the party on Monday over its policy on Brexit, allegations of anti-Semitism and its general shift to the left under the current leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Broxtowe MP cut loose just hours after resigning her membership of the Conservative Party to join the new Independent Group of defectors.

They accuse him of mounting a weak opposition to prime minister Theresa May's plans for leaving the European Union and of failing to stamp out anti-Semitism in the party.

Cllr Bridget Smith, the leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council, which was won by the Liberal Democrats from the Tories at the last election, said: "We welcome Heidi's decision to leave a party with which she has seemed increasingly uncomfortable".

"I've underlined the need for us to see legally binding changes to the backstop that ensure that it can not be indefinite", she said, referring to a mechanism to avoid building a physical boundary between Ireland and Northern Ireland that some Conservatives fear would leave Britain bound to the European Union.

Mr Benyon said that Brexit had been dominating affairs and preventing other important issues, such as tackling climate change and the NHS, from being debated.

A Labour source, said: "Offering to prop up a Tory government that has inflicted so much suffering on our communities is shameful".

"I hope the Conservative Party are able to heal their difficulties".

In a letter to Mrs May, the trio accused the Conservative Party of abandoning the political centre ground, and said the Government's "disastrous" handling of Brexit had been "the final straw".

At a news conference, Allen complained that May and the Conservative Party were being "bullied into submission" by hardline Brexiteers such as former foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

Ryan, who was first elected as member of parliament from Enfield North in 1997, will now be joining an independent breakaway group.

Mr Paisley told the BBC that he did not believe the defections threatened the DUP's confidence and supply agreement with the Conservative Party.

"And in those circumstances I think the national interest would be served by seeing a period of stability to get that referendum done".

The move poses a fresh headache for Mrs May as she faces PMQs in the House of Commons before heading to Brussels for Brexit talks with Jean-Claude Juncker.

One person wrote: "I know many decent people in the Labour party but the party they joined prior to 2015 is now a lost cause, taken over by nasty extremists".

The three lawmakers all backed Britain remaining in the European Union in the 2016 referendum and have since voted against multiple elements of the government's Brexit legislation.

  • Joey Payne