Apex Legends is now available and has already reached 1 million downloads

The free-to-play game is sort of like a cross between Overwatch and Call of Duty's Blackout battle royale mode. The game got launched on Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms today only.

The game's cast of eight unique characters, called "Legends", all use specific skills that open up to different types of playstyles. Respawn has officially stated though that Titanfall 3 is now not in development and all their resources are working on Apex. These characters have special abilities which increase over time.

Legend Tokens are earned by leveling up in-game, and can be used to purchase Legends. It is reassuring to have Respawn addressing these gameplay concerns early on in Apex Legends' lifecycle.

Respawn Lead Producer Drew McCoy confirmed this little factoid in a new interview with Eurogamer regarding the studio's latest game, Apex Legends. It is an incredible stat, and it underscores how wildly popular the battle royale genre is right now, as if we didn't already know.

Some of the other features Respawn has implemented include the "Jumpmaster system", which puts one squad member in charge of where the entire squad drops at the beginning of a match.

Although Apex Legends is based in the Titanfall universe, players won't find themselves utilizing the famed Titan exoskeletons.

But those YouTubers, Influences and journalists who have had time with the game last week will likely be under embargo until much later this evening too.

Characters in Apex Legends also have special traits.

If you're imagining people duking it out in Titanfall's well-established giant mechs, you're out of luck. Master an ever-growing roster of diverse Legends, deep tactical squad play and bold new innovations that level up the Battle Royale experience-all within a rugged world where anything goes.

  • Fernando Stephens