Could Bryce Harper actually be a Phillie by Tuesday?

After seemingly dropping out of the race for MLB's top free agent several weeks ago, L.A. might be a real player to sign the 26-year-old.

There were multiple reports after the meeting occurred that the meeting was not about getting a contract done, but more about getting to know each other more, so Harper can trust ownership as he did with the Nationals ownership. It seems he ended up leaving empty-handed, though, as this saga continues through the second week of spring training.

The Dodgers reportedly only want to sign Harper to a short-term contract. Maybe Harper just doesn't want to be in Philadelphia that badly.

For the most part, the updates were pretty quiet for most of Saturday, but once again when the late-night hours started to hit, another major rumor surrounding Harper possibility coming to Philadelphia hit the web, which of course sent fans into a frenzy once again.

If the Giants don't land Harper, a series of moves will be expected considering the number of holes remaining on the roster, namely in the outfield. Agent Scott Boras' clients don't typically leave guaranteed money on the table, so it's hard to believe Harper would actually turn down a 10-year offer from the Phillies in favor of a four or five-year deal from the Dodgers, even if it is at a higher AAV.

The Giants are also going into a rebuild, so Zaidi should want to save that money when they are at the bottom of the division, so he can spend when they get better. It remains to be seen if there are any other teams involved but now, the Dodgers and Phillies are the only two linked to Bryce Harper.

The Washington Nationals, where Harper has played throughout his seven-year career, have apparently moved on. "I would say that teams have checked in that we haven't heard much of, or anything of, but whether they are really a true mystery team that has a real shot, I wouldn't vouch for it".

  • Rosalie Stanley