Kansas City Chiefs awarded 6th round compensatory pick in 2019 Draft

The NFL announced the compensatory picks given out for the upcoming draft, and the New England Patriots were awarded four picks.

The sixth-round pick is 207th overall.

The Falcons, who finished 7-9 in 2018, now have a total of nine draft picks in the draft.

The Los Angeles Rams quickly went from having no picks in the third round of the 2019 National Football League draft to having multiple.

The Redskins hauled in an impressive amount of picks via the compensatory formula; they're one of just three teams this year to earn the maximum amount, which is four.

The NFL distributes compensatory picks from the third through seventh rounds of the draft each year based on a selected pool of free agents lost. Factors are salary, playing time and postseason honors. The Seahawks sent their 2019 second-rounder to Houston in 2017 as part of the trade to acquire Duane Brown, and they traded their sixth and seventh-rounders past year to acquire quarterback Brett Hundley from Green Bay and safety Shalom Luani from Oakland.

In the Cardinals' overall comp equation, the Cards only signed two offsetting free agents in offensive linemen Justin Pugh and Andre Smith. Picks are assigned to teams through a formula weighting the number of players a team lost via free agency versus the number of free agents it signed.

The Patriots get two picks in the third round, one in the sixth and one in the seventh.

  • Rosalie Stanley