'Miracle' newborn baby rescued from South African storm drain

Authorities were called out to the scene at the corner of Herring Circle and Barracuda Rd early on Monday after people walking by heard the baby cry. We kept praying for her and God answered.

"It's really a miracle that this baby was saved".

PR councillor, Shotel De Boer with residents.

"We are happy that the baby was rescued and is alive", she said.

Rescue teams secure a trench in order to reach a newborn baby that was presumably dumped down a stormwater drain in Newlands East on Monday. "I thought no, it sounds like a kitty cat and I looked further down and saw it was a baby", said Lovedale. "It is mercy from above that she is alive‚" said Hardcastle.

"It's good news for the ending of this rescue today", he said.

The area was cordoned off by police.

The baby, who was found with her umbilical cord intact, was believed to be between one and three days old.

Others have also been saying that the mother of the baby should not be judged because no one knows her circumstances.

She was subsequently airlifted to Albert Luthuli Central Hospital to be treated and then taken to another unnamed facility.

According to Rescue Care operations officer Garrith Jamieson, 36, who was at the scene, the baby had no injuries but did have hypothermia.

  • Joey Payne