Things Are Getting Very Tense Between India and Pakistan

India has disputed Islamabad's account.

The latest wave of tensions erupted after a pre-dawn strike by Indian aircraft Tuesday on Pakistani territory.

In another statement, Pakistan's foreign ministry said it had struck "non military targets" but avoided "human loss and collateral damage".

He added, "we need to use wisdom and sense to resolve the dispute with India".

He added that the USA and Pakistan's longtime ally in the region, China, called on the parties to maintain restraint, but the nation "disregarded that." .

Turkish foreign minister added that Ankara ready to play its part to ease tension between Pakistan, India.

He also said that an Indian plane had shot down a Pakistani fighter jet, and Indian ground forces observed it falling on the Pakistani side of the LoC.

A top government official in Indian-administered Kashmir said the Pakistani jets briefly crossed the frontier but were pushed back by the Indian Air Force.

"In this engagement, we have unfortunately lost one MiG 21". The pilot is missing in action.

Nandan again declined to answer, saying: "Sorry, we're not supposed to tell you this".

In one video posted on social media, a Pakistani soldier ankle-deep in a stream of water in the disputed Kashmir region can be seen shielding the pilot from angry villagers and shouting "enough" as they pummel his bloodied face and strike blows against his limp body.

In a tweet, Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority said the airspace would be closed until further notice.

A spokesperson for FlyDubai said the airline was also reviewing its schedule in light of the announcement.

Pakistan's information ministry published - but subsequently deleted - a video purporting to show the blindfolded pilot, who could be heard requesting water, after he had been captured.

Pakistan's military spokesman, Maj.

An Indian aircraft crashed about 150km away in Budgam district on Wednesday morning, killing at least one person aboard, but it unclear if the incident was linked.

"Both countries have the capability and capacity, but war is actually the failure of policy, which India needs to understand", he said. "We don't want war, India. Nothing is solved through war and no conflict has ever been settled through war". Pakistan simply wrote off that action and took the public position that nothing had happened, offering a face-saving off-ramp for both sides that prevented a crisis like the one we're seeing today from bubbling up. Which is the way of peace.

"We continue to monitor the situation closely and will update our customers as the situation develops", the spokesman said.

On Wednesday, Pakistani escalation followed across the Line of Control after Pakistan Air Force F-16s conducted strikes of their own.

Pakistani reporters and troops visit the site of an Indian airstrike in Jaba, near Balakot, Pakistan, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019.

Indian police also said officials recovered six bodies from the wreckage of an Indian air force helicopter that crashed in Indian-controlled sector of Kashmir.

The pilot was injured and was being treated at a military hospital, Ghafoor said.

Old picture of Wing Commander Abhinandan.

It says the Pakistanis have "no intention of escalation, but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm".

Pakistani and Indian troops deployed in Kashmir often trade fire.

It urged India and Pakistan to act in a manner that "ensures the security, peace and stability of the entire region".

As tensions mounted, commercial flights were suspended across Pakistan and a swath of northwestern India.

"Flight EY290 Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu is returning to Abu Dhabi as a result of the en route airspace closure and is due to land at 2pm", said a spokesman.

TRT World speaks to New Delhi-based journalist Ishan Russell.

The tit-for-tat aerial strikes and accompanying aerial dogfights marked the first serious military escalation between the two nuclear-armed rivals in two decades.

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