Barr decision on report to cause fireworks

Top Democrats demanded this weekend that the entire report be released - save for redactions made to protect national security - and reiterated Sunday they are ready to subpoena the report, underlying information and administration officials to ascertain its contents if it is not.

Will the much anticipated report turnout to be a "Nothing Burger", a "Something Burger" or a "SomethingNothing Burger"? Like most Americans, the people of Maryland's Sixth District want and deserve the fullest possible disclosure of the results of their investigation. "The watchword is transparency", Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said in a joint statement.

The submission of Mueller's report ended a high-pressure investigation that has engulfed the Trump administration and led to criminal charges against 34 people, including six former Trump associates and advisers.

Even if DOJ chooses not to prosecute additional individuals, the underlying findings must be provided to Congress and the American people.

We already know how Republicans and Democrats will spin it.

That signals there might be no more criminal charges against Trump associates on the issue of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian Federation to help the real estate magnate beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

He and Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed Mueller, were at the Justice Department again on Sunday.

The Justice Department said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation did not find evidence that President Donald Trump's campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russian Federation to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Special counsel Robert Mueller closed his long and contentious Russian Federation investigation with no new charges, ending the probe that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency. We have yet to find out whether, but for Justice Department policy against indicting a sitting president, Trump would have been charged with obstruction or other crimes.

"We've never agreed with the Democrats who said, 'Wait for Mueller report, everything else doesn't matter, '" Steyer said.

As Robert Mueller exits stage left, the Justice Department will continue to pursue a handful of investigations-and potentially more prosecutions - that began with or were bolstered by the special counsel's work. He has worked with prosecutors to provide them with information in a separate investigation into Trump's inaugural committee, something he hopes will reduce his three-year prison sentence. We know that he concocted the lie about the objective of that Russian meeting.

Whatever the report concludes, Democrats vowed to pursue investigations on a wide range of issues involving Trump, from his business dealings to hush-money payments.

On Saturday - just one day after Mueller submitted his report regarding the connections and possible "coordination between" the Russian government and Trump and his aides - the president hit the links while vacationing at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler delivered opening remarks at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Google on December 11, 2018. As of Friday evening, the White House had not received or been briefed on the report.

Other prosecutors have picked up strands of the Mueller probe, most notably the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of NY, which is looking into Trump's business practices and financial dealings. The Justice Department was expected to release the main findings as soon as Saturday.

  • Rosalie Stanley