Colton Underwood spends the night with Cassie after reuniting on ‘Bachelor’ finale

What can fans expect from the show tonight? Find out on night two of the two-night, live special season finale event. Cassie was hesitantly agreed after attempting to tell Colton that she didn't want him to sacrifice anything for her, but later accepted his invitation to a fantasy suite in Spain.

When Chris Harrison caught up with the couple on the After the Final Rose, Randolph and Underwood confirmed they're happy and in love, but they have no current plans for an engagement.

Last night, fans saw part 1 of the finale. "And hopefully somebody will share their heart with me", Brown told Harrison.

The Bachelor usually ends with a couple getting engaged. Who is it? What do we know?

Alabama's own Hannah Brown is "The Bachelorette".

Bachelor Twitter, however, isn't entirely convinced. "Last night with Cassie was absolutely incredible". It was clear as day who they were grooming up there for the next lead. We had an wonderful night. Check it out below.

'It was like, 'You owe this to yourself and you owe this to these women to really explore and see where to go from here, " he said. Chris Harrison wasn't wrong in saying the finale is a 1,000 on a scale from 1 to 10. Let's do this thing they call life... together... forever. Colton was clearly much further along in the relationship than she was. Many wondered why a scene she shot with Colton during Hannah G's hometown never aired, even though it was teased throughout the season. He had just told his folks that he was in love with Cassie, but she wasn't yet in love with him. They repel down a mountain to get to their picnic and discuss the future of their relationship. She said that she wasn't in love with him and it obviously bothered her that her father didn't give Underwood's approval to propose. "I had to close my eyes because he was about to poke my eye out", said Higgins. She talks about past relationships that were very controlling and says that's the reason why she needs to be careful when it comes to love. She's ready to commit to Colton.

Rumors even started circulating well before Monday night of Colton and Cassie's continued relationship after the Bachelor was seen leaving the gym with actor Gregg Sulkin, who just so happens to be Cassie's sister's boyfriend. And finally, Colton has his overnight date with Cassie. Colton doesn't say, but certainly hints at a certain something.

"It didn't happen for me my first time around, but I do believe that it can happen". The answer could be as simple as it just got lost on the cutting room floor, or it was shelved until the first episode of her season where she explains how she's over Colton and ready for her "fierce love".

  • Marlene Weaver