Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Live support planned

Despite the massive mound of salt produced by that last statement, this week's Nindies Showcase blew the rumor mill clean off its foundation with the news Cuphead would be running 'n gunning on the Nintendo Switch as soon as next month. The game, which has won multiple awards for its challenging gameplay and its 1930s cartoon art design, will be available worldwide on the Switch from April 18.

Cuphead will be available for the Switch on April 18, and is now available for pre-purchase.

Cuphead is coming to another popular platform very soon! Cuphead will also receive a major content update on the same day which adds a host of features to the game.

You can read the full interview over at Game Informer, where Moldenhauer teases the eventuality of Xbox Live integration and possibility of Nintendo themed easter eggs making the cut.

Speaking to a crowd at Game Developers Conference 2019, Microsoft executives announced that they intend to bring Xbox Live support to more games on Switch over time, including bringing achievements to select titles. "The diversity of indie content we discussed today demonstrates how Nintendo Switch players can find quality indie games of almost any type". We'd like to thank Studio MDHR and Nintendo for their help in this investigation! That's a surprising announcement in itself, as it seemed that Cuphead would remain a console exclusive on the Xbox One. The game's graphics are also deeply reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. There's a Cuphead release for Switch.

  • Fernando Stephens