Oculus shows off their new headgear at GDC

We didn't get a chance to test out the Rift S' passthrough+ feature, which, combined with the built-in room-tracking, could end up being the biggest upgrade to Oculus' new headset. The Rift S's tracking system instead relies on computer algorithms, which use information from the cameras to determine the headset and controllers' locations relative to each other. One thing you won't find on the Rift S though is a dial to adjust interpupillary distance, as Oculus has opted to let users tweak the headset's optics in software.

Oculus has revealed its next-generation VR headset, the Rift S. That changed today with the announcement of the Oculus Rift S, a sequel headset that makes a few design changes to the Rift and bumps up its spec for a higher-end experience. Their nip and tuck alterations have also resulted in a new headband for the Rift S, which features a new halo-dial design not unlike the PSVR's headband.

New to the Rift S is OLED displays with higher resolution 2560x1440 px screens. Inside-out tracking has also been built into the revamped Oculus Touch controllers, which should mean more precise hand tracking.

Users can benefit from a single-cable system for a clutter free experience with Oculus Rift S. Additionally there's a headphone jack so you can use your own favourite headphones with the Rift S.

And best of all, the Rift S has the same minimum and recommended hardware requirements as the original Rift, so you won't need to upgrade your PC in order to take advantage of it. The trade-off here, however, is in refresh rate which drops from 90Hz down to 80Hz, although you do get a slightly larger field of view. Or you can just use the feature to see and then grab a drink between levels of your favourite VR game. Oculus Insight will also be included in the company's upcoming Quest virtual reality headset. It doesn't come with on-ear headphones, however.

Oculus didn't provide an exact release date for the new Rift S although the Facebook subsidiary stated that it will be released in Spring 2019 for Dollars 399 (around RM 1621) which is oddly the same release timeframe and pricing as per Quest.

  • Fernando Stephens