Sony Announces PS4 State of Play Stream Series

Not to be undone by a string of Nintendo Directs and Nindie Showcases, Sony will host its own Direct-like "State of Play" stream on Monday, March 25. We've already seen PlayStation and EA drop out of this year's E3, so it isn't exactly surprising that we're getting a streamed broadcast instead.

If you're thinking the format sounds awfully like a Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox presentation, that's because it is, and it's a development that means all three main players in the console space are now content to drip-feed fairly major announcements and news all year round. Even Xbox has started down this path with their Inside Xbox live presentation.

Sony noted that the first episode "is just the beginning", and that "State of Play will return throughout the year with more updates and announcements".

If we had to guess, we'd say it's likely that we'll hear more about Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding, all of which are hotly-anticipated titles but none of which now have known release dates. Sony is playing its cards close to its chest with today's announcement, opting not to give us any clues about the games State of Play might be covering. But we're really hoping for some games to be revealed. You'll be able to tun in via on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, or simply catch up on the video after the fact.

Sony revealed on Friday that it would be hosting a "State of Play" livestream next week.

  • Fernando Stephens