All Brexit options are on the table: UK Conservatives chair

It follows defeats by even wider margins in January and March, and leaves the government's blueprint for exiting the bloc in tatters.

Officials believe there is still a chance that, if she can get it through before April 12, this date is still possible. The Political Declaration is a shorter, 26-page document setting out the UK's aspirations for future relations with the EU.

The risk that MPs decide to agree closer ties to the European Union, or even stop Brexit altogether, persuaded some proponents to reluctantly back May's deal.

May was able to win the support of 277 Tory MPs, including 41 additional "hard-Brexit" Tories.

Hilary Benn, a Labour Party lawmaker who chairs Parliament's Brexit committee, dismissed criticism that the parliamentary process was a failure because it didn't deliver a majority in the first round of voting.

Thousands of Brexit supporters, who had planned to be celebrating Friday, were protesting instead.

The vote left Britain's withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil.

A customs union would allow businesses to move goods around the EU without checks or charges - but membership would bar the United Kingdom from striking independent trade deals after Brexit. But even this was not sufficient to pass the measure.

Friday's developments only deepened the crisis of British imperialism, with any number of scenarios now unfolding.

The prime minister has until 12 April to seek a longer extension to the Article 50 process if the United Kingdom is to avoid leaving without a deal. The UK government is now seen to be scrambling to either draft a new deal to present to the European Council or face the economic repercussions of leaving the bloc without a deal. These preparations are directed squarely against the working class.

With no majority yet in the House of Commons for any of the Brexit options, there was speculation that an election could be called, though such a vote would be unpredictable and it is unclear who would lead the Conservatives into it.

"I think she would need to look very closely at that", he told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. It has rejected no Brexit.

The EU had been hoping for a positive outcome of Friday's Brexit vote in the House of Commons, which would have paved the way for Britain to leave on May 22.

One placard said: "Politicians worth their weight in cow dung". Now we've lost that vote, there's only one thing the prime minister can do.

"It is absolutely disgusting what is happening", he said."Be warned - this is just the beginning of a mass uprising if we get betrayed by the politicians".

"If the deadline is extended longer, we will re-engage with sterling because that will be the start of the slow death of Brexit", said Salman Ahmed, global investment strategist at Lombard Odier Investment Managers. "Because if we don't, God help us".

By contrast, the 650-seat lower house of parliament has voted overwhelmingly against a no-deal Brexit although its view is non-binding.

He said: 'I would rather leave the customs union but we also have to recognise that my party does not have the votes to get the manifesto commitment through the Commons.

Two ideas - a customs union with the EU and a second referendum on any deal - have received significant support ahead of another round of votes this week.

The heavier than anticipated loss by 344-286 votes has put Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the European Union in serious doubt.

During Friday's debate on the agreement, Ms.

Some protesters dragged dummies wearing masks of May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn through the streets, leaving them outside the gates to May's Downing Street residence. The Blairites fear that his election could fuel demands by workers and youth for him to make good on his rhetoric in opposition to austerity and war. TIG is essentially a holding operation in readiness for this scenario.

Conservative chairman Mr Lewis acknowledged some grassroots branches were "frustrated with their MPs" but ruled out allowing any deselections.

  • Joey Payne