Ethiopian Airlines crash report expected this week: Government

The same system was implicated in the October crash of a 737 MAX 8 off Indonesia, with initial investigations finding that a sensor on the plane had transmitted incorrect information to the MCAS system.

Reports indicate that shortly after take-off - approximately 450ft above the ground - the nose of the aircraft began to pitch down.

Liability claims related to the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft could be the largest non-war aviation reinsurance claim on record, hitting reinsurers' profitability, reinsurance broker Willis Re said.

Candles were lit in tribute to Ethiopian Airlines plane crash victims at the United Nations Environment Assembly, in Nairobi.

The plane crashed six minutes into the flight.

First Officer Ahmed Nur Mohammed contacted the control tower and in a crackling transmission reported a "flight control problem", according to the newspaper, which cited people close to the ongoing investigation.

Leaks this week from the crash investigation in Ethiopia and in the USA suggest an automatic anti-stall system was activated at the time of the disaster.

One of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302's pilots told the other "pitch up, pitch-up" moments before the doomed Boeing 737 Max jetliner crashed three weeks ago, a new report revealed.

The two crashes have been a major blow for Boeing, triggering the USA manufacturer's biggest crisis in decades as the MAX 8 was grounded worldwide.

Boeing is working on an update to the MCAS software so it's less aggressive about pointing the nose down and easier for pilots to override it.

Boeing has tried to restore its battered reputation, while continuing to insist the 737 Max is safe.

Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the Federal Aviation Administration to remove Boeing from a federal airline advisory group while the investigation continues into fatal crashes involving two of its jetliners.

The best way to recover is to put the plane's nose down, an attempt to pick up speed, and regain lift - but only as long as there's sufficient altitude to perform the maneuver.

  • Joey Payne