Fortnite getting the 'Reboot Van' next week

Once the Reboot Van has been activated, the sound and lights will be a beacon for other nearby players.

These new "Fortnite" reboot vans closely mirror the respawn system in "Apex Legends," the increasingly popular battle royale game released by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment in February. Before Respawn's game became a massive hit, Fortnite and PUBG were ruling the roost but after Apex Legends began luring players in its run to hit 50 million players in its launch month, the new game posed a serious challenge to these two.

With the collected badges you run then to a van, where you can activate the reboot card. Additionally, any rebooted squadmates will be unarmed so if you've revived them you'll need to drop some of your weapons to get them back in the action. Allowing players to revive their fallen squad mates, the Reboot Van will be a game changer in Squad and Duos. When playing in a squad, downed teammates will drop a Reboot Card that you should snatch up ASAP. With Apex Legends having popularized the feature, many players have poked fun at the new Fortnite dev update video for adding their own version with the newly revealed Reboot Van that will be introduced in the 8.30 update patch notes.

Check out the map with all of the potential locations for Reboot Vans.

This changes: If an opponent eliminates one or more members of your team after update 8.30, you can collect a badge from them. "They really need to do something about this mid to late game intensity". Epic has confirmed that this feature will be part of the upcoming update.

Fortnite patch v8.30 is due out next week. Epic Games is promising a $US40 million prize pool for the event, but competitive game modes use slightly different rulesets than standard battle royale matches.

  • Fernando Stephens