Man who claimed to be long-missing boy faces charges for lying

The person who claimed to be IL teen Timmothy Pitzen, who went missing eight years ago, is a grown man with a criminal record, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and state records.

Rini finally acknowledged his identity after being confronted with the DNA results, said he had watched a story about Pitzen on ABC's 20/20 news program, and had wanted to get away from his family, according to Braun.

Rini has made claims of being a victim of sex trafficking twice in the past according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It's unclear what federal charges Rini is facing.

Even after Rini was advised of his rights and warned against making false statements, he continued to insist he was Pitzen and that he had escaped from a hotel where he had been forced to have sex with men against his will, the affidavit said.

Brian Michael Rini, who had recently been released from prison in OH, gave multiple false details to authorities about his identity and alleged abduction, including that he had been physically and sexually abused, according to an affidavit filed Friday in federal court in Ohio.

Rini's claim was debunked on Thursday after DNA test results conducted at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital confirmed he was not the long lost boy from Aurora, Illinois.

In 2017, Rini was under the care of an OH health center that provides behavioral health treatment services for those experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues, according to a 2017 court motion in Medina County Court.

He faces up to eight years in prison if found guilty, Glassman said.

Brian Michael Rini was released from an OH prison last month after serving time for burglary and vandalism. He served nearly 14 months of an 18-month sentence for burglary and vandalism, according to the state department of corrections website.

The affidavit filed in federal court Friday says Rini repeatedly told investigators he was Pitzen and that he had been kidnapped and sexually abused.

Jonathon Rini said his brother was "placed on juvenile probation and then he just continuously violated his probation".

Timmothy's family had been cautiously hopeful over Wednesday's news, as were neighbors and others who'd long wondered whether he is dead or alive.

"I know in my heart that he's absolutely alive, a hundred percent", his aunt, Kara Jacobs, said in an interview a year ago for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "Timmothy's father is devastated once again".

Almost eight years ago, Timmothy and his mother went on a road trip that included stops at a zoo and a water park. He was last seen in May 2011 after being dropped off at school in Aurora, Illinois by his father.

Three days later, the mother's body was found in a hotel room in Rockford, Illinois. She left a note stating that Timmothy was with someone who would love him and care for him, but also that he would never be found.

Sharon Hall told CNN she noticed a "fidgety" person in her Newport neighborhood on Wednesday, not far from the Ohio-Kentucky border.

  • Joey Payne