Jungle Trolls Reborn 4.5

You must survive, gather resources and build your village to bring your tribe to the top rank of the ultimate jungle predator.
You can choose among 4 hero classes, having different skills and item recipes:
The fierce and mighty WARRIOR,
The silent and insidious HUNTER,
The wise and creepy SHAMAN,
The ingenious and crafty INVENTOR.
You should craft various weapons, items and buildings, dependent on the class of the chosen troll and the necessities of the tribe.

→ rich game world, full of hidden dangers and secrets;
→ breeding animals, which can be hunted, tamed or even zombified;
→ cute little cubs and mighty boss beasts, cunning enemies and evil allies;
→ changing weather, which affects the gameplay;
→ complete freedom of movement and choice of tactics;
→ detailed game development and frequent updates.

A survival RPG based on JTT 5.5, developed and improved practically in every single aspect for years.
For working on it I took the written permission of the creator of the game, A.Dominion.
As much as I know, this is the best troll map – balanced and rich of possibilities.


Resident Evil L.I.N v2.9.w3x

Resident Evil L.I.N v2.9 by Fantasy61

The American mid-westem town Raccoon City has been completely decimated due to the T-virus outbreak that was instigated by the international corporation ”Umbrella”. Yet how will you know who to trust when no one is sure who…or what…the enemy is?

Download: 7.1 MB

Download Map DotA v6.73b.w3x

Today…..Map Dota v6.73b update….Fix some bug…

* Couriers are now invulnerable near their fountain
* Fixed Santa Hats on Illusions
* Fixed Tiny’s Tree visuals when he gets cycloned
* Fixed first hit with Sleight of Fist being unable to bash
* Fixed a big exploit with Fire Remnants that could cause it to do dramatically more damage than intended
* Removed Pudge Santa
* Fixed Meepo clones not respawning with full mana
* Fixed Stone Giant’s Aghanim bonus stacking with multiple instances
* Fixed Whirling Death damage tooltip
* Fixed Zeal HP regeneration
* Fixed Meepo’s interaction with Tranquility Boots
* Fixed attack range on Legion Commander and Goblin Shredder being slightly off
* Fixed Goblin Shredder’s agility and intelligence growth values being off
* Fixed Skywrath Mage not triggering Land Mines
* Fixed a bug with Sleight of Fist and Manta Style
* Duel can now only target heroes (it didn’t do anything on non-heroes already)

Download: DotA v6.73b.w3x

Trap Brawler v0.47a.w3x

Trap Brawler is an arena-esque game which pits two teams against one another. Players utilize a wide arsenal of weapons, traps, and pure deception to eliminate all who oppose.

This game does not follow the traditional Hero arena model. Rather, your performance will depend solely on skill and maneuvering, not on your stats.

Trap Brawler focuses primarily on the use of traps. Currently, there are nine traps available, each with unique attributes.

Traps are separated into two categories: Automatic and Manual. Automatic traps are triggered as an opponent comes within its range, whereas Manual traps require the user to detonate it themselves.