Anime x hero siege v3.00.w3x

Included: Anime x hero siege map v3.00.
The cheats do not you like to add high-peck Ver =.=.
To my mind was made ​​season 2 of the map (v3.01)
To be such a desired number is: Play good one version and not the version will change much distracting map.
And nobody knows what game you are right: D.
From now on you will be better than the previous version and slow to wear and then you play the new version later, ok slightly:)).
Also, the error can not be said dis game is your sympathy.
The Ultimate pacht or problems that should be only a few ways: test carefully and then up to you, starting at 3:01 will do so.

We now have 3:00 to Ver brothers more distinctive.
This is the link, you can say this will in turn connected to SS2 follows