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Download map dota 6.73 AI…!!!

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When i ask Forum Staff AI map and author of AI map
My question: Map Dota v6.73c AI released date??
They answer: We currently consider the possibility of quick jump to Dota 6.74c ai from v6.73c
Community is willing 6.74c AI and agrees waiting few more days. With such support we may simply skip 6.73c AI and quickly jump to 6.74c. AI modifications in this case are minimal and won’t take extra time.

Link download: 
DotA v6.74c AI 1.3b.w3x
DotA v6.74c AI 1.3b.w3x

dota v6.73c lod v3

Download map dota v6.73c lod v3.w3x

LoD DotA – is a modification map DotA (by IceFrog).
The meaning remains the same – “to protect their ancestors’, but little in other ways, or let’s say skill. You will choose your characters skills from the original DotA, skills associated with the original characters that you can easily find the right skill.

Game modes: 

Mode -s5 = -ak
-sds5abul (pick 4 skill + 1 ulti)
-sds6abul (pick 4 skill + 2 ulti) ==> level 5 up skill 5, level 8 up skill 6 (ulti 2)

Additional modes:
-d2 (mod only works with “sd”) Provides a choice of 20 characters.
-d3 (only works with the mod “sd”) Provides a choice of 30 characters.
-s5 (not working with the mod s6) Adds to the usual four skill has a skill (not ultra).
-s6 (does not work with the mod s5) Adds to the usual four skill skill has two normal + Remote Control.
-fn Fast Neutrals
-ss See Skills
-ab Anti Backdoor
-ul Unlimited Level

FOC Bleach V.S Naruto v.3.1.w3x

F.O.C Bleach V.S Naruto v.3.0 by Robert Farrell

Special thanks to my friends for testing my game and giving me ideas-
Tom, Martin, Nolan, Jong-Jin, Matt H, Adrian, Reily, Charles, Ben, Nick(mainly Nick), Edward, Ali?, George, Matt.A, Sam, Cameron and Hollow(BG)
sorry if i missed names
Thanks All!!!!

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: Any.
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