Angel Arena Allstars 1.69f.w3x

Map Angel Arena Allstars 1.69f by youkaiz

Team hero arena, select over 90 heros and fight.
Fix to Warcraft III 1.24+

Team hero arena, select over 90 heros and fight. Kill thousands of creeps, level up as fast as you can, buy legendary items, fight powerfull bosses, make some quests, increase you power and destroy your enemy to win the Angel Arena Tournament.

Changes v1.69f:
Fix Fatal Errors(crashs)
Increase Chaos stats.
Add bountry to Chaos kills.
Increase stats price(from 250 each to 1k each)
Increase Defense System(Rockets) attack and price.(attack cooldown from 2 sec to 1 sec and cost from 500 to 1.250)
Now can fusion 2 Defense system lvl 3 to get an Infernal Fist.
Decrease Infernal Fist attack cooldown from 2 sec to 0.5 sec.
Add 3 levels to infernal fist(increase attack each level)
Warlock Staff, changed itens recié and add 5 levels:
Warlock Staff = 2 Magic Stone+Mana Aura+Hammer of Pain
To increase warlock staff level buy more hammer of pain.
Add a new items:
Holy Blade = King’s Blade+Holy Warfare
Divine Protection = Guardian Force+God’s Diamond+Scale Armor

Warcraft 3 themes

Here comes a set 46 Warcraft 3 Modded Themes (by K-4-iN) which can make your Warcraft 3 stylish by customizing the old background animation and buttons texture, it doesn’t change anything inside the game. 

These themes are available for Normal & Widescreen resolutions and comes with 7different color chains. Check out the Warcraft 3 Themes preview & installation guide.

Some Screenshots:

Warcraft 3 Mods/Themes Installation Guide:
Step 1, Get the Files
• Download the Warcraft 3 Modded Themes from the links above and extract the compressed file to any folder using WinRAR.

Step 2, Select your theme
• Select your favorite Warcraft 3 theme from “Themes” folder, you will find screenshots there of every theme along with their installation files.

Step 3, Install the Theme
• Now, Run “CUSTOMBG.reg” and copy the “Textures” and “UI” folder to your Warcraft 3 InstallationDirectory.

Step 4: Enjoy
• Your Warcraft 3 theme is installed!

Step 5: Uninstalling
• If you want to uninstall your Warcraft 3 theme, just remove the “Textures” and “UI” folder from your Warcraft 3 Folder and Run “UNINSTALL.reg” file from your Warcraft 3 Themes directory.

• Your Warcraft 3 must be closed during the installation of the modded themes.
• If you do not have functioning background of your theme, go your “Passo2″ folder from your selected theme directory. Move/copy the folder “UI” into the “Warcraft III” directory and replace the files.
• All credit goes to K-4-iN for making the Warcraft 3 Mods.
• If you have any problems, just post a comment!


Naruto World Wars 3.6.0 – NWW-3.6.0.w3x

Map Naruto World Wars 3.6.0 – NWW-3.6.0.w3x download is new AoS map which follows story of manga/anime Naruto Shippuden.Center of story is 4th shinobi war, Kabuto has revived all shinobies that have died in series and with Uciha Madara he is praparing to invade Konoha and start 4th shinobi war.You can decide which side is going to win. 

List Shinobi

Shop item

Susanoo of itachi and mangekyu sharingan

Uchiha Madara

Gaara và bottle rune regeneration

Thank You for playing Naruto World Wars. 
You can chose from following mods:
-ap(All Pick-Means that you can chose any hero)
-apem(All Pick Easy Mode-Means that you can chose any hero,your are getting xp faster and towers are weaker)
-appm(All Pick Pro Mode-Means that you can also chose any hero but game play is oposite of easy mode)
-ar(all random)
-arem(all random easy mode)
-arpm(all random pro mode)
-nr(No Runes-Means that runes which can ordinary be found in river wont apear)

For now you can chose from 40 different heroes with realistic and balanced skills.