Mirana Wars v1.8.w3x

Map Mirana Wars 1.8 by Created by MortAr

At the begining of the game, all players must wait until the host decides the game-mode, scores for win and the additional game-options.
After that, you’ll be given a Hero called “Priestess of the Moon”. The Hero has essentially 2 abilities, each of it as always has its own pros and cons. You can as well boost these abilities by upgrading them using the “Skill Upgrader” which can be found by clicking on the red cross into the Hero UI or by pressing [D]. In order to do so, you’ll also need “Upgrade Points”. They can be obtained in several different ways – refer to Help (F9) for more information. Buy items with the gold you have earned and help your team achieve the glorious victory.


  • Kill System: tracks down all players kills, deaths and streak points as well as play funny sounds and messages
  • Magic Runes: different types of powerups spawn once every 30 seconds in the middle, giving all kind of unique buffs
  • Dialogues: instead of typing the game-modes and such, you are showed a number of dialogues to ease the mode selection
  • Unique Terrain: a well plained and structured terrain gives the user great experience while playing the game
  • Skill/Item Upgrades: in order to bring much more fun to the player, they can upgrade their abilities and items
  • Game Options: allows the host player to give another twist of the entire gameplay with the additional game options

Modes: chosen only by Player 1 (Red) at the begining of each match, no matter if he is the host. Without selecting any of the gamemodes, the game will never start.
Available modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Elimination.
Commands: can be used by any player and have no restrictions regardless if you are the host or not. Commands must be typed as a normal chat message.
Available commands: -st, -aa, -camlock, -resetcam, -gameinfo, -clear, -cam X, -roll.