DotA 1.5 AI v1.1

Hi guys. After receiving many feedbacks about the LAN bugs, I decided to move icon files to Local files, which mean the icons is now outside the map and that will make the map smaller. In addition, many Dota 2 heroes will be released in future so there can’t be enough space if I continue import icons into the map. Here is the link, make sure you read the instruction carefully

5/5/2012: DotA 1.5 AI v1.1 (by 9enial)

*INSTRUCTION: How to make it working correctly.
1. After download file “DotA 1.5 AI.rar”, you extract it and you will see 2 folders: Mapsand ReplaceableTextures.
2. Copy these 2 folders into wc3 directory, if you copy the right folders, you will see a dialog like this:

Choose “Yes to all”
3. Download Dota 2 models pack at the attachment below
Then extract the .rar file and you will see 2 folders: Abilities and Units. Copy these folders into wc3 directory. (like step 2)
4. Make sure you have enabled Local files on wc3. If you haven’t, run Enable.reg file in this folder (this step is very important).
5. Done. Now all you have to do is open wc3 and play . The map is in Maps\DotA 1.5\

* If the models won’t show up, go to Options->Video and adjust everything to High.
* To temporarily disable DotA 1.5, run Disable.reg file.

-FULL item icons. 
-FULL DotA 2 heroes and abilities icons. 
-FULL creeps icons.
5/5/2012: DotA 2 Models Pack
If it still doesn’t work, go to Options>Videos and adjust everything to High