Fairy Tail – Six General Magic 2.0.w3x

Map Fairy Tail – Six General Magic v2.0

What i experienced:

+ — good points.
- — bad points.
! — improvements/things to note.

Good and bad points on the map:
+has most of the characters in the anime.
+need to work hard to defeat bosses.
+nice custom spells.
+fishing quest and cheese quest are both unique, with cheese getting a random surprise item sometimes.
-gameplay was abit too boring towards the middle.
-most people complain about unreadable texts since its in chinese, and they were using bnet 1.24e patch(even after i told them to download and switch to the unifont version)
-spell damage count was too common.
-no hero-only items/items too common.
! green scroll boss(monkey, troll, idk) cannot be clicked when he is charging at you, while the other green scroll boss cannot be clicked at all.
! placement of the 6 crystals was not well done. should have stretched to an asterisk-shapped layout, with the final boss appearing at the center, after defeating all 6. i also believe that the terrain could be better. After all, where is the city? the cave where jellal was revived? where are the underground layout terrain?
!music too short(around 1 min of game start), more hq sound tracks from the anime would be best.

Other than that, great map! really hope to see more improvements on it!

Download: W3xmap.com Fairy Tail – Six General Magic v2.0.zip (5.7 MB)

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    any English version??

  • Anonymous

    waiting for new update

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    how i can take zeref????

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    which is the real download…

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    Zeref code is Heimodaoshi