Anime Battle Character 1.3 – ABC v1.3.w3x

Map Anime Battle Character 1.3 – ABC v1.3.w3x by thomasinow

Changelog of version 1.3

Main Changes:
- Added 6 new characters, Alice, Reisen, Saito, Shaoran, Ueki and Shana-tan (Special).
- Added new Game mode : “Boss Mode”, in order to win, attack Tenshi to gain points, the team with the most points wins.
- Changed terrain’s theme to Touhou theme. Map is smaller. Added more effects to the map such as fog and night time.
- Removed Xmas items.
- Tenshi Hinanai is now stronger with 7 new abilities.
- Tenshi will be teleported to middle map if she across near team tower.
- Replaced normal BGM to Rusty Hearts dungeon BGM.
- Added missing sounds for Intro character select (Yuuji, Kanade)
- Replaced sounds for Intro character select (Miku).
- Updated character selection screen (Red and Blue waves surround the character’s icon and a new effect is shown when player picked).
- Updated character selection screen system (give more comfortable and precision character screen).
- Revamped Movement speed (no more slowpoke hero).
- Changed default camera range from 2500 to 2300.
- Changed cooldown interface.
- Changed HP/MP indicator bar interface, shown as blocks; each block represents 10% of your HP .
- New format descriptions, friendlier to read.
- Normal attack has new SFX.
- Aizen has a new ability.
- Added new SFX when an unit uses shop.
- Reduced the number of shop buildings to 1 (can buy any item from old shops in there, split into categories).
- Duel pause no longer pauses dummy unit.
- Circle of Power is no longer able to buy item(s) from Charged Shop.
- Neutral fountain does not heal Hostile unit nor give bonus movement speed.
- Units respawned during the duel will be paused.
- Each level, heroes’ movement speed is increased by 1 (Fully stacks with any movement speed bonus).
- Each level, heroes’ defense is increased by 0.2 (directly increased to base defense, not as bonus).
- Now special heroes’ descriptions appear during selection.
- Disabled spells during certain condition will still show their cooldowns.
- Changed some skills name.
- Added custom icons for skills which don’t have one already.
- Added new sounds for some skills when cast.
- Added new sounds for killing streak combo.
- Added gold penalty if killed except by Neutral Hostile.
- Added random crates across map to random bonus.
- Instead clicking the random button, now just type -random to get a random character.
- Now AI got 40 names to be randomed (from all username of peoples)