Final Fantasy Battle

Map Final Fantasy Battle – Dissidia Final Fantasy: HotT [EX] by Andrea Riona (Reyzu)

A fast-pace fun to play battle arena map featured with various characters from different Final Fantasy universe. EX Edition.


Dissidia Final Fantasy: Heroes of the Times is a fun-to-play Hero Arena map for Warcraft III. Like other hero arena style, you need to lead your team and defeat other team to win the game. AI is featured, so it’s possible for player to play against computer.

Playable Characters
There is total 16 characters from original Dissidia Final Fantasy game. 7 characters from Warrior of Cosmos and 9 characters from Warrior of Chaos.

Warrior of Cosmos: Firion (FF II), Cecil (FF IV), Terra (FF VI), Cloud (FF VII), Squall (FF VIII), Zidane (FF IX) and Tidus (FF X)

Warrior of Chaos: Garland (FF I), Cloud of Darkness (FF III), Exdeath (FF V), Kefka (FF IV), Sephiroth (FF VII), Ultimecia (FF VIII), Kuja (FF IX), Jecht (FF X) and Gabranth (FF XII)

(also planned to add Chaos and Cosmos as Secret Playable Character in future release)

Arena Dungeon
To reduce boredom and make game more excited, player also can explore huge Optional Dungeon Area named “Dimensional Castle of the Rift”, inspired from Final Dungeon in Final Fantasy V with it’s original BOSS “Demons of the Rift” included. 3 of them is enable to summoned to arena and fight as Arena BOSS (you have to fight the rest of them in their original place it’s placed).

At the end of the Rift Dungeon, you’ll find a portal that acces to The Edge of Madness. Yes, a place where Chaos and it’s manikin forces lies (total 5 Manikin from Warrior of Chaos). There is also another optional BOSS if Chaos is not strong enough for you. It’s Shinryu with his deadly Atomic Bomb spell. He is an optional BOSS from FF V and also appear as summon on Dissidia Final Fantasy itself. His lair could be acces on upper portal on the arena.

Preview Screenshot (Old and New)

This map is still on BETA version and still far from finish, so I believe there is still many bugs, flaws and imbalance on this map. Any suggestion or idea to make this map more interesting to play would help me greatly.

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