Naruto Ultimate RPG 4.2a

Map Naruto Ultimate RPG 4.2a.w3x by ShikamaruShadow

This map is RPG game…..You can play with friend….Save and load…Hope you like it….Naruto fans club

This is the entire Naruto series in one game, potentially lasting a couple hours! Choose your character and play his/her roles in completing the storyline!
This map is graphic-intensive, containing custom-made models and icons. A complete library of sounds and music help improve the playing experience.

Choose a character between four different teams (Twelve Players). These teams will compete against each other up until the start of the preliminary tournaments, when everyone will fight for their own self. Then when Konoha is invaded abruptly after the tournaments, the Leaf genin are up against the Sand genin, alongside Orochimaru and their army of jounins.

Once the war is over, an encounter with Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame commences. By this time, the Sand genin have united with the Leaf. Soon after, Sasuke departs Konoha, despite their resistance against him. Time passes on, until – in a grand finale – the genin track down Sasuke’s whereabouts, and confront him, along with his new evil ally, Orochimaru.