Pokemon Legacy v0.15

Map Pokemon Legacy V0.15(System Fix) – PokemonLegacyV0.15.w3x Created by NightBrowler

The map is based on the gameboy pokemon game. Altrhough it’s multiplayer and the names of the cities doesn’t match with those of the game. It’s a 8 player game, so you have to fight against 8 other human players.

More than 80 pokemons to catch (GEN I).
AI Tournament Players
You can go on shiny hunt.
This game is very similiar to the original pokemon games
Abillity type difference when battling (Spells ecc.)
Your trainer has 4 bags to put items into.
4 Legendaries:Mewto, Mew, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos.
You can battle gym leaders, to gain access to other cities.
More than 60 spells/moves to choose from, the skill system is based on the real game,
so you can forget/learn/TM skills.
Tournament Trophy System (Next Ver) (see unlockables)

-everytime you win the game you gain 1 trophy which you can save/load.

+5 Tournament Trophies = Unlock Thunderbolt (You can choose pikachu as starter pokemon.)
+10 Tournament Trophies= Unlock Firewheel (You can choose cyndaquil as starter pokemon.)
+20 Tournament Trophies= Unlock Heavy Fighter (You can choose either Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee as starter.)
+30 Tournament Trophies= Unlock Pretender (Unlocks Ditto)
+40 Tournament Trophies= Unlock Sunshine (The 3 basic starters become shiny.)