Map dota 6.78 update and released day

UPDATE: Official Dota 6.78 Map has been released.

Map DotA 6.78 will likely coming this month. It will contain some of the changes that should be included on the DotA 6.78.

Will 6.78 be released before or after The International 3?

From The_Artful (member of PlayDota forum) ask Icefrog:
Dear Ice frog you have mentioned that 6.78 is comming soon and I wanted to point out some of the “cream of the crop” from the forums over the last few months. So in not particular order:

Phantom Assassin:-Adding caustic farming mechanic method 1, and method 2 (a little op)
-Cosmetic change to PA blink strike

Phantom Lancer:-Situation Nerf/buff to Spirit Lance(numbers need work).

Treant Protector:
-Leach seed + Tree in the forest

-Goblin’s Greed situation nerf/buff

Crystal Maiden:
-Frostbite doubles as ghost sceptor + “Telepad”

Poof w/ combat “perks” method 1 (simple), method 2 (complex, but interesting)

-Added utility of Lightning Bolt

Nerubian Assassin:
-Spiked carapace +1 skill required

-Now useful 2/3 of the fight.
-fish oil +1

-Culling Blade scaling late

Well, let’s hope we’ll get some nice changes here and there!
What will you expect in the DotA 6.78? Let spark some discussion in the comment section! :)

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