DotA 6.78 Download

DotA v6.78

Dota v6.78 Map Download

Dota 6.78 official map update has been released just a few hours ago by IceFrog, the original DotA founder himself.

With this patch you can expect a couple of new heroes and several balance changes.

Here is an excerpt from the changelog:

When the blight of the Scourge threatened the isolated peak villages of the Crag Lands, their pleas for aid went unanswered.

The strong villagers climbing ever higher up the mountains to seek refuge, leaving those too young or old to their fates.

When the forces of evil fed upon the helpless, their innocent blood wet the stones of the foothills. Seeing this, the heart of the mountains wept, and forged it’s own champion to face off against the teeming hordes.

Hewed from the cliff face, Kaolin was born into our world. Wielding the strength of the mountain, he bends stone and metal to his fierce will.

Dota 6.78 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Call Down slow sometimes lasting too long
  • Fixed Call Down inaccurate tooltip
  • Fixed Echo Stomp stun sometimes ending too early
  • Fixed Ancients not having backdoor protection
  • Fixed the left range rax not upgrading the siege units properly for the Sentinel
  • Fixed the active component of Tranquil Boots being enabled on Illusions
  • Fixed an inconsistency with mana sharing on Tether
  • Fixed an issue with Primal Split’s Level 2 Storm interaction with Smoke
  • Fixed Shadow Amulet not working when you are Magic Immune
  • Fixed Rod of Atos sell price
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit not working on Familiars
  • Fixed suicides causing aoe bonus XP to be given out
  • Fixed attack speed with Armlet on Spirit Bear
  • Fixed level 3 Skeleton King Reincarnation scoreboard
  • Fixed Rupture sometimes remaining on you when you revive
  • Fixed a very minor damage inaccuracy with Eye of the Storm

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Download: DotA v6.78.w3x