DotA 6.78c Download


Dota v6.78c Map Download

Dota 6.78 official map update has been released just a couple of hours ago by IceFrog, the original DotA creator himself.

With this patch you can expect several minor changes which does reflect your overall DotA experience.

Despite the meteoric rise of DotA 2, people are still playing Warcraft 3 DotA which is why IceFrog is keeping it ahead for the community.

DotA 6.78c Changes:

  • Rage cooldown increased from 15 to 17 seconds
  • Flamebreak cooldown increased from 11 to 14
  • Tether movement bonus decreased from 20% to 17%
  • Living Armor damage block instances from 7 to 4/5/6/7
  • Chemical Rage bonus HP reduced from 300/600/900 to 250/500/750
  • Gyrocopter attack range reduced from 375 to 365
  • Team 2 now bans second instead of first in Ban Phase #2. (All other phases and orders are the same)

Ban Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/B/A]

Ban Phase #2: Changed [From Team B/A/B/A to Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #2: No Changes [Team B/A/B/A]

Ban Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]
Pick Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]

Download: DotA v6.78c.w3x