DotA 6.74c LoD v5b Download DotA Map

Dota 6.74c lod v5b

Map DotA v6.74c LoD v5b.w3x download – Map by Skino modified by Lordshinjo

DotA LoD is a custom version of DotA that let players to be able to choose three skills and one ultimate to combine into one unique hero.

This map is very fun (more than “OMG” map), you try it, you know how “IMBA”.

To remove the fact that hotkeys overlay, we recommend using AucT Hotkeys Tool (AHT) v2.8c.

It allows you to have more than 1 spell on the same hotkey while not forcing you to click spells.

Game modes:
Main game modes: (-ap, -ar, -sd, -md)
Sub modes: (d2, d3, d4, d5, s5, s6, os, ra, bo, ul, ss, ab, fn)

  • sds5ul (pick 4 skill + 1 ulti) – UL (Unlimited Level) Unlimited levels of the hero.
  • sds6ul (pick 4 skill + 2 ulti) ==> level 5 up skill 5, level 8 up ulti 2
  • sds6d3ul – pick 4 skill + 2 ulti, Unlimited Level, 30 characters available to choose from, you can take any skills
  • sdd3s6bosoulabfn (30 characters available to choose from, you can take any skills)
  • ardms6bosoulabfn (receive a random hero receive a random + skills, with the death of all randomized zanogo)
  • aps6ossoulabfn (available to all the characters, skills in Tim will not be repeated, just a balance mod)
  • sdd5s6ossoabulfn (50 characters available, the balance of fashion skills in the team are not repeated)
  • ars6boulabsofn (Drops randomly receive a random hero + skills to the entire game)

Download: DotA v6.74c LoD v5b.w3x

  • Kitroville Capili

    No AI??

  • Kim Ngan

    Yes, No AI (Dota lod = no AI)

  • Anonymous

    I’d love it if this had an AI. It’d be great.

  • Anonymous

    why cant i find dota lod with ai why dont they just make one that randomize spells much easier !
    im sleepy too XD

  • Kim Ngan

    Because Dota lod not easy to make AI, and no people want make it

  • emmanuel leron

    yeah ryt… make an AI version

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  • sasuke


  • sasuke

    zl aa gichi mine

  • sasuke

    fuck you

  • sasuke