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dota v6.74c ai 1.3

Q: I would like to know more about AI commands and how do they work, could you explain them in details?
A: Here’s the complete list of AI conds. Use them wisely!

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AI Commands

Only the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands. Usually these are Player 1 and Player 6.

Type “-o”, “-c” or ” c” before any of these commands: (ex. “-oa”, “-ca”, ” ca”
are all legal)

Note: XX refers to player number (1,2,..,10), you can type more than 1 player
number using “,” (ex. “-oa 2,4,5″)

a or a XX:

AI attacks enemy base. This can be used to cancel sd. When you use this, the
bots are unable to attack neutral creep camps or defend for a while.
Simple attack command.
d or d XX:

AI defends the base.
Use this if enemy team pushes while your teammates are pushing different lane.

sd XX:

AI stays to the base to defend. They will not end their defending when there
are no more intruders in base. Cancel it by ordering the bot to attack.

This ensures allied AI teammates won’t leave the base, but also prevents them from pushing. Use attack command so they can start pushing again.
b XX:

AI backs a little.
Usually AI simply skips one creep wave.

f XX:
AI retreats to fountain.
This command is especially useful when allied AI has huge bank ( 3k or more ) but doesn’t go home because of high HP.
p[l/m/r/n]: (ex. -cpm )
Tells all allied AI to push at left/mid/right whenever they have the chance to
push. Typing -pn causes the bots to attack to whatever lane they wish.
This one should be used if you lost a side ( not mid rax ) and have no choice but push 2 lanes at the same time. Simply order one or two of your AI teammates to hold the lost lane while you and the rest of the team do push other one.
g[l/m/r] XX: (ex. -cgl 3,5 )
AI goes to a lane immediately. The AI will go to the back of where the allied
creeps in the lane are located.

Want solo? Order AI to move to other lane ( for example from mid to bot or top ). Do not order AI go from bot to top lane or vise versa directly, because this wont work, instead, first order AI go to mid and then to the lane you want them to go.

t XX [target]: (ex. -ct 1,4 8)

Attack target’s location if it is visible.
Use at your own risk. I personally don’t recommend this command as AI may fail and die to enemy team.
flask, tango:
Have bots use Tango or Flask. Input valid only on 1st minute of game.
AI will use either Tangos or Flask, I recommend Tangos as they allow AI stay longer against nukers.

Turn neutral creeping on/off. This does not affect Chen.
Its wise to keep neutral creeping on ( by default ).

Turn automatic lane changing on/off.
If you plan to organize the laning system, turn it off and act like lane manager. You can even put AI’s in 1 range plus 1 melee formation for better gameplay.
roshan, roshanXX:

AI attacks Roshan.
Just so you know, keep one slot free so aegis wont get wasted. Also, for your own good, don’t ”try” to give allied AI aegis.


Show the command dialog. You can also just type a space to show the dialog.
Just if you need to order something quickly.
Order Enemy AI team stay and defend the base.
If you want to drag the game or are pushed too hard, use this.
Order Enemy AI team push.
Doubt you’ll use it anyway.
Other Commands:

-pa (chooses ally),

-pe (chooses enemy),

-px (cancel choosing)

Only players who were notified can use this. With -pa/-pe you can “pick” for the ai by clicking on the hero at a tavern. You can only use these commands while you have not chosen a hero yet or before 1:10.

To pick hero for AI, pick it like you would do for yourself, once you type -pa / -pe command.

Use -px to stop choosing for the ai.

If you have not used -pa or -pe within 45 seconds, the bots will pick their
heroes and you may not be able to use -pa/-pe.

Use this if you want certain AI allies (strong ones) vs certain AI enemies (not so hard).

Shows the creep stats of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.

Use this if you wonder how well does allied AI lane against enemy hero. If creep stats are bad, let it go to other lane instead.

Shows the move speed of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.
Just if you really need to know this.


All nearby ally casts a support spell to you, or an AOE spell if you’re
surrounded by enemies, or attack an enemy hero near you. Any player can use
this command.

Can’t guarantee this will save your life though.
-ld (-old) (low dodge mode).

Reduces the hook / arrow dodge chance for AI’s.
So far, only in 6.68c AI by PBMN. Other maps don’t have this mode.
-cn (cool names mode).

Gives AI players some cool names instead of XI Hero name
Purely for fun, however some believe AI’s play better when they wear these nicks.

-rn XX Name (rename bot).

Give AI player any nick you want just for the sake of it.

New modes in 6.72f AI:

Mode packs - works just like any other gold/exp modes, but this will save you time from typing.

  • -bm/-beginner mode – consists of -neng.
  • -am/-advanced mode – consists of -nengdedg.
  • -xm/-xtreme mode – consists of -hehgdedg.

Secondary commands - can be turned on/off any time.

  • -aimsg – enables/disables AI messaging system.
  • -aimsgmiss – enables/disables AI report-missing heroes system.
  • -aiglyph – enables/disables AI auto Glyph usage.
  • -aiboard – enables/disables AI action board.
  • -aidynamic – enables/disables board to see AIs’ gold/exp bonuses.
  • -aigrant – Grants another human player the AI Leader title.

AI map troubleshoot or what limitations they could have.

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