DotA v6.77c LoD v1b Download


DotA v6.77c LoD v1b Map Download

Today is a great day for DotA gaming if you are still looking for a map to play.

Guess what? Newest version of DotA v6.77c LoD Map is now available for download at Gawd Almighty.

Legends of DotA (LoD) is a highly rated modded version of DotA in which you exploit any hero with your desired skills combination or you can go random just as you like.

The formerly known as DotA OMG map at this rate is only support MD, AP, AR and SD mode. Nevertheless, you can enter additional modes for more balance or you can say restrictions.

So now v6.77c LoD v1b is the latest version for DotA LoD which brings a lot of of improvements and balance to the skills to avoid abuse in this game.

Game Modes:

Enter any of the game modes listed below to start LoD (Legends of DotA).

  • AP (No hero and skill limitation)
  • AR (Random hero/skills)
  • SD (Few heroes/limited skills)
  • MD (Mirrored heroes/spells)

Additional Modes:

  • bo Balance Off-d2 Provides a choice of 20 heroes.
  • d3 Provides a choice of 30 heroes.
  • d4 Provides a choice of 40 heroes.
  • d5 Provides a choice of 50 heroes.
  • s5 allows you to pick 5 skills.
  • s6 allows you to pick 6 skills (1 extra ultimate and 1 extra normal ability).
  • ra Random Abilities, the extra abilities from s5 & s6 are chosen randomly.
  • fn Fast Neutrals, first neutrals spawn already after drafting, then 30 seconds after, then the normal 1 minute spawn
  • ss See Skills, allows you to see the enemy skills while drafting as well
  • ab Anti-backdoor
  • ul Unlimited levels
  • os One Skill, skills can’t be picked twice on each side
  • ls Limit Skills, you cannot have more than 2 passive skills and more than 2 skills from a single hero.

In-game commands:

You can find a list of in-game commands that you can use in DotA LoD:

  • AI displays your teams spells in the scoreboard
  • FF only works if mode -ff is entered
  • WFF to see who voted to finish fast
  • SP # Toggle passive skill display, # is the skill’s place number while drafting
  • SDDON/-SDDOFF System Display Damage
  • ADDTIME Adds 1 minute to the clock when picking skills, can be entered once by every team, 2 extra minutes possible as max
  • READY During the skill picking phase, chooses your remaining skills randomly
  • RANDOM MELEE / -RANDOM RANGE During the hero pick phase, chooses a random melee/range hero from your pool

Special Credits:
If you enjoy this map, then send your regards to PEW_PEW, ResQ and Lordshinjo for their hard work in modifying Dota map.

Note: You can use AucT Hotkey Tools to avoid hotkey conflicts with other skills during the game. It allows you to change the default hotkeys of spells.

Download DotA v6.77c LoD v1b.w3x below and put it in ‘Warcraft 3\Maps\Download’ sub-directory. You need to extract it first from the zip file.

Download: DotA v6.77c LoD v1b.w3x