Naruto Battle Royal v7.36

Naruto Battle Royal v7.1 (1)

Map Naruto Battle Royal 7.36 Download by The Red Wolf: Teeth

You can have more fun in this Warcraft 3 map than you can possibly hope with other Naruto knockoffs.

To battle with the heroes in Naruto Battle Royal, you need a number of things to get the most out of this map.

First, you need to set your mind free so that you can have an enjoyable ride to your Dota battle.

The author maps: Red Wolf – Language map: Chinese
Supports AI: Present (You can play with AI – Computer)


Compete in a thrilling battle PvP. Team vs Team, or even in normal mode “every man for himself”. The card contains your favorite heroes of the most famous anime series “Naruto.”

Ideas are realized by the manga’s song.

Naruto Battle Royal 7

Author’s Note:

Direction toward the farthest – even before the road confused.

Hold the greatest hope – even dead end.

Adhere to the will of the strongest – even Daoshanhuohai.

Prepare for the worst – even all over again.

Naruto Battle Royal

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 1-10
Size: 8083.9 KB

Download: Naruto Battle Royal V7.36.w3x

  • Heri Febriansyah

    please make the version is english

  • Anonymous

    it is japanese map…
    changelog – Orochimaru have purchased 4 Hokage
    Kabuto purchased Haku,Zabuza,Madara
    New skills: 1st Hokage,4th Hokage,Madara,
    New skin – Uchiha Obito

    • Anonymous

      nope, it is chinese map for sure

  • Anonymous

    It’s Good For me… We Like Play this…. New Character In Corner or Change Skill is We Are Waiting… Thanks ^_^

  • REX

    the map is very welll!!!! i’m waiting for the next

  • Anonymous

    i hope they put the new skill specially the wood dragon .. and improve naruto’s bijuu mode :) im hoping to see more .. every update surprise me :)

  • Anonymous

    Its nice but .You must change the skin of 4rdhokage.. he likes naruto..

  • Anonymous

    i like this version.. ill wait the next version.. i

  • Dimasu


  • Anonymous

    every update never fails me .. BEST NARUTO MAP EVER !! THANK YOU GUYS keep up the good work :) just a suggestion strengthen HASHIRAMA hehe :)

  • Kim Ngan

    Have fun ^^

    • Anonymous

      good map thanks ^^

  • Anonymous

    # Pein Change To Nagato Edo tensei….
    # Sakura Replace To Other Character Like Shino Aburame or Rock Lee
    # Tobirama Senju Replace Some Skill He has Edo Tensei And Jikkukan Ninjutsu….
    # Kakashi Hatake add new mode or change some skill He has Copy Jutsu While Battle…


  • Anonymous

    How to download this?

  • Anonymous

    how to donwload? i dont know

  • tam

    killer-bee, raikage 5 very weak ! update skill for gaara, obito, hashirama, minato, sakura. delete edo tensei of orochimaru, kabuto ! tks

  • negr

    i am so angry why i cant download the maps. how i can download maps??? aaaaaaaaa