War3HK-Tool 5.0.5

War3HK Tool 5.0.5 Download

War3HK-Tool 5.0.5
War3HK Tool 5.0.5

For Window Vista or Windows 7 users, you may need to turn off User Account Control as all function doesn’t conflict with chat.

Just put all of your hotkey and play. Don’t worry about chat.

Some of the functions for tool support:
iTem Remap

  • Support Alt + Q,A,S, and many more.
  • Support Function Key Ex: F1, F2, F3, etc.
  • Support Shift Queue for WheelUp, WheelDown, WheelMouse if you check Click Left Mouse box.

To use Tab Button You can open setting.ini and edit  item 7 = Tab

  • Open my tool again you will see iTem slot numpad 7 will use tab key


  • Support Shift Queue if you check Click Left Mouse box

-/AutoCast & SelfCast
Enter HotKey skill of hero then check AutoCast or SelfCast
EX: Viper enter key C to Skill 1 HotKey then check AutoCast, in Game Double Press
key C
OmniKnight need set hotkey R then check SelfCast,in Game Double Press key R

-/Skill 5 and Skill 6 hotkey:
mode Invoker : move mouse to the icon then click left mouse (like normal skill)
mode Morphing : move mouse to the icon then click Right mouse (like AutoCast skill)

-/Quick Message
Add Prefix : “ALL:” to send message for All People
Default Will Send Message for Allies

-/Quick Launch:
Faster to run other app Y need to use with WarCraft III : Garena,Ghost Bot,…
Press “…” button to set link of your app
Press “Launch” button to run it

-/WinDow Mode
Lock mouse cursor to WarCraft III window
Just simple press Alt + Tab to unclip cursor in WarCraft III window

-/Disable Left WinDow Key

-/Use very less memory of Ram about ~1,0mb to ~2 mb

-/Only 1 file and verry small

PS: Close (“X”) Button same as “Run” Button. it will active your hotkey and hide in
system Tray

+ Hot Key Inventory DotA

+ Hot Key Map DotA OMG, LOD

Size: 242.23KB

Download: War3HK Tool 5.0.5

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