X-hero N

X-hero N 9.6 Map Download

X-hero N

Map X-Hero N 9.6.w3x by nucleusgenius (Russian)

Once there was a great city. But things have changed, the city was captured by Archimonde. Only the most courageous will decide to fight a legion of demons and close the portal of darkness.

That is one of the most satisfying description you ever get in Warcraft 3 Dota Allstars community.

What you can get is a terrifying conviction of sudden mistake that has been made.

Battle your heroes to find out more why you can get the most out of X-hero N map.

Just download and see it for yourself the reasons where every Dota players has been wondering about.

Note that you need to know how to install it onto your Warcraft 3 installation.

x hero N
x Hero N 2
x Hero N 3
Category: Hero Defense
Recommended Players: 6
Size: 4058 KB

Download: X-hero N 9.6.w3x

  • Haydanes Kho