BattleStadium DON 1.8c

Battlestadium DON 1.9

Map BattleStadium DON 1.8c.w3x by Valkemiere (Update March/12/2013)

We are so happy when today Valkemiere update this map Battle Stadium DON version v1.8c, fix some bugs and new skills. Hope you like and play this map, If you find bugs please comment here.

Game modes: -ap,-ar,-apnd,-arnd,-repick,-random,-ms,-ma

I strongly recommend this map for those who love reading manga.

  • BattleStadium D.O.N.
  • Japanese fighting game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 featuring characters from the popular anime and manga series
  • The War between three great Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto, hence the D.O.N.

Mixed Game Type

  • HeroArena, Destroy FT, AoS, Flag Capture


  • Fun Custom Spells
  • Best DBZ town, and Konoha city place
  • Realistic Sound and Cool Effect
  • Fast to learn, and time play
  • God’s View Camera
  • Epic Custom Spells
  • Bonus AI (you can play with AI)
  • Animeish terrain

Battlestadium DON4

BattleStadium DON 1.8c Full Changelog:

  • Gotenks fixed in random mode, and frieza available in random
  • Friza: new model animation changed, and new skill (destructo disk) replaced with barrage beam
  • Vegeta: new animations, and SS4 mode
  • Cell  new animation
  • Janemba: New animation
  • Goku: New animation and SS4 mode
  • Nico Robin: Nerfed 1st skill damage, nerfed mana shield
  • New katon sfx for(madara-itachi-sasuke-Jiraya-Ace)
  • Madara: New animation and Sussano Bone model
  • Luffy: new ultimate animations and damage (elephant gatling)
  • Konan: New ultimate skill sfx
  • RockLee:Nerfed chakra gates-nerfed drunken mode
  • Tobi: new ultimate skill (Gedo Mazo)
  • Reduce Newgate W skills to 10,20,30,40% and 2,4,6,8, Defense. New Ultimate animation changed
  • New face emoticon by type “bb” (yaoming face) and “fuck” (meme f*** face)
  • Increased Creeps HP and Tower

Battlestadium DON 2.0

Download: Battlestadium DON1.8c.w3x






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  • kokamekats

    why my computer play, a shop has gone?

  • xxx

    how to I choose madara or ichigo ???

  • Josstem

    If you want to choose madara or ichigo you must ranom if you want it

  • thiss

    wtf repick is a game mode?
    anyway this game ROCKS ^__^

  • ard

    can you add more skills to hero ? pleaseeeeee . four skills only ? i knew you genius . please add more .

  • hilbran

    how to I choose madara or ichigo ???

  • juhan

    could you make admiral kizaru of the marines and {blackbeard} Marshall D.Teach

  • kristian

    maganda ito

  • adawqwear

    pano mag download???plzzzz

  • Liam Izach Tanuan

    put a new update please

  • Liam Izach Tanuan

    yes add more hero and skill in because their skills is in the past