DotA 6.78c AI Download 2013?


DotA 6.78 AI Release Will Have To Wait

Today we have some good news, and bad news. The good news was reported two days ago when the creator of DotA Allstars AI + Fun, Superwaitsum updated his blog with a new blog post.

Superwaitsum went to work and managed to get the custom DotA 6.78 AI map in development. The bad news, he won’t release it today or tomorrow as he is looking to unleash it this month.

Nonetheless, if you are interested to be a beta tester for the aforementioned map, you can contact him through email.

Let’s hear what Superwaitsum has to say about DotA 6.78 AI release:

Hello to all DoTA Fun fans, I have had several time problems and have been very busy last month, i have also seen that 6.78 map has been released, I’m trying to finish the map this month, maybe with less features than planned, but updated to latest AI map (even if 6.78 AI is released in this month), sorry for the inconveniences.

Most problems come from testing all heroes, and I have received several mails and PM of people that want to help me in development of Fun Map, thats why I’m now offering people that visit this blog to be beta testers, I will only need weekly reports of the beta map.

If someone want to be a beta tester, please contact me through email.

Thanks for still believing in this map :)

Download: DotA v6.77b AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7c.w3x

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  • Lukman Hakim Azhara

    here download from me



    • Amir Ariff

      Can anyone verify that this has no virus?

    • Zomer Gregorio

      this 6.78 1.0.2 ai is unofficial

    • maroun

      the .rar password is not working

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    yeah we cant wait for that ! Dota AI Download


    thanks lukman , where did you get it?

    • renz

      tagal ipalabas ung bago ? i can,t wait :(

  • ananya

    what is password of media fire link

  • ananya


  • ananya

    but it works?

  • ananya


  • ananya

    it works

  • ananya

    ty lukman

  • bap

    what is the pass of winwar?sir

    • Zomer Gregorio


      • Mohd Noh

        but cannot play why?

  • Sabbir

    downloaded but can’t play cause rar file.
    now what can i do?

    • Mohd Noh

      ya me too

  • Jester Bahian

    ano ba yan matagal p ba ang 6.78 ai map?….. hahay =(

  • wendelljaron

    paano mag download

  • Zomer Gregorio

    kailan ba lalabas yan

  • Zomer Gregorio

    shit wala pa ring 6.78 ai

  • baz


  • kalaexto

    putang inang nag gagawa ng map na yan pag ka katagal ng 6.78 oi kung sinu man ang nag gagawwa ng map putang ina mo mamatay kana

  • Ross Thelma Santos

    why no 6.78 ai but its have 6.79 ai

  • Mr Hoang