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DotA 6.78c AI Map DotA Download


Map DotA 6.78b AI Download Expected

IceFrog has updated DotA with an all-new 6.78c and it is expected that there will be an AI version for 6.78b in the near future.

Last week, the creator of DotA AI map has given his thoughts on the recent 6.78 release.

Superwaitsum updated his official blog with a new blog post.

Superwaitsum went to work and managed to get the custom DotA 6.78 AI map in development. The bad news, he won’t release it today or tomorrow although he is looking to unleash it this month.

Of course, he will work on DotA 6.78b AI eventually as he must follow the newest version of the map.

So you can expect that the AI version of DotA 6.78c‘s release this month.

Nonetheless, if you are interested to be a beta tester for the aforementioned map, you can contact him through email.

Let’s hear what Superwaitsum has to say about DotA 6.78 AI release:

Hello to all DoTA Fun fans, I have had several time problems and have been very busy last month, i have also seen that 6.78 map has been released, I’m trying to finish the map this month, maybe with less features than planned, but updated to latest AI map (even if 6.78 AI is released in this month), sorry for the inconveniences.

Most problems come from testing all heroes, and I have received several mails and PM of people that want to help me in development of Fun Map, thats why I’m now offering people that visit this blog to be beta testers, I will only need weekly reports of the beta map.

If someone want to be a beta tester, please contact me through email.

Thanks for still believing in this map :)

DotA 6.78b.w3x Official Download

DotA 6.78b Map DotA Download

DotA v6.78b

Dota v6.78b Map Download

IceFrog is on the roll again with another update for DotA, this time with 6.78b version of the official map.

It has been released just a moment ago by IceFrog, he said; “6.78b released, thanks for everyone that reported the bugs.”

As you can see, the purpose of this update is to fix a few bugs in the last 6.78 patch.

Now that DotA 6.78b is available for download, you can now easily tell when Tombstone was Decrapified in this wonderful world of Defense of the Ancients.

Check out the full changelog below:

DotA 6.78b Changelog

  • Fixed a bug that allowed some players to control two heroes
  • Fixed being unable to easily tell when Tombstone was Decrapified
  • Fixed False Promise interaction with Shallow Grave
  • Fixed Quelling Blade doing damage to allied wards
  • Fixed the passive regen missing on Spirit Bear’s Armlet
  • Fixed Empty Bottle courier slow lasting a couple extra seconds after it is filled
  • Fixed Buyback cooldown display not always being accurate
  • Fixed Rupture hurting couriers
  • Fixed some issues with targeting near units with Stone Caller
  • Fixed Flak Cannon vs Gem
  • Fixed Panda with Bloodstone being unable to revive
  • Fixed swapping costing you an extra 100 gold if you swap after re picking a new hero
  • Fixed multiple swaps costing you more gold
  • Fixed Bloodrage removing Doom and stuns from allies
  • Fixed Bloodrage removing Elder Dragon Form
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Fixed a bug with Courier haste speed when interacting with slows
  • Fixed Bloodstone charges being slightly inaccurate when activating the item manually
  • Fixed Rupture piercing Shallow Grave
  • Fixed False Promise interaction with Armlet and Power Treads
  • Fixed Shadow Demon base int
  • Fixed Mortal Strike interaction with Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed an Aghanim’s Scepter drapability issue
  • Fixed aoe XP/Gold with deny/neutral/suicide
  • Fixed Aghanim Reaper buyback not being prevented properly if someone else gets the last hit
  • Fixed some minor issues with the values on Eye of the Storm
  • Fixed Geomagnetic Grip being wasted if targeting ground and no nearby Rock is found to pull

Download: DotA v6.78b.w3x

DotA 6.78b 6v6 Map DotA Download

Dota 6v6

Dota 6.78b 6v6 Map Download

Most DotA players always wonder what to do on a dull weekend with nothing to do and no cash to spend.

Well, GodTony has made available Dota 6.78b 6v6 for download last week and it is indeed the most satisfying way to go through your weekend. Provided that you are not a forever alone type of guy and you have a number of friends playing DotA.

As you can see, this DotA map is a major add-on for the DotA 6.78b, which is the latest version of map from the creator of DotA IceFrog with a huge list of new stuff and bug fixes.

The purpose of making a 6v6 version of DotA 6.78b is to have fun with friends, not to be playing league games, and most of all, DotA players just want it.

With DotA 6v6 map, the extra players can make the game far too imbalanced with certain heroes, but when we’re talking about public Battle.net games, I believe that skill plays a much larger factor into balancing a team than what heroes are chosen.

Take the example of a first time DotA player getting smashed in a public game. Do you really think that outcome is going to be any different in 5v5 or 6v6? Only a team of experienced league players are going to be able to take full advantage of an extra player on their team, and then adjust their hero choices to compensate.

I see games hosted that are 1v5, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 etc. Don’t these games also present the exact same problem you mentioned in your post? The reason people play these games that differ from the 5v5 league play is simply because of fun. Public games are played for fun.

Yes, a full team of 6 AOE heroes with excellent teamwork may be imbalanced compared to a team of 5, but we aren’t talking about that type of gameplay here. 6v6, 1v5 or 3v3 will never be used for league games unless players want to accept that heroes may be imbalanced for those type of matchups.

Download DotA 6.78b 6v6.w3x and put it in ‘Warcraft 3\Maps\Download’ sub-directory. You need to extract it first from the zip file that you have downloaded.

If you already know everything about it, you can proceed to download DotA 6.78b 6v6.

Download: DotA v6.78b 6v6.w3x