GTA 5 Will Be Bigger Than Double The Size Of Skyrim?


True Crime: Streets of L.A.’s map is actually really freaking huge it can easily take over half an hour to travel from one side of the map to the other.

The map is also replicated really closely (if not completely) on the city of Los Angeles down to the major streets and landmarks.

Take note also that the ingame map for True Crime: Streets of L.A. doesn’t display every single side-street like Grand Theft Auto’s ingame maps do and people should’ve probably took note of that before they voted in the poll.

The True Crime Is In GTA 5 Map

The problem with having big maps like this in an open world game, any open world game; is that developers will tend to recycle objects such as buildings, quite extensively to save on disk space and problems such as a lack of vehicle and pedestrian variety (as well as vehicle density) is also quite noticeable.

I don’t think that Grand Theft Auto V’s maps will be quite as big as this though and it won’t be quite replicate the city of Los Angeles down to the main streets. No Grand Theft Auto game has replicated any real-world city and I hope that it remains this way.

As far as I see it, the bigger the map is, the less detailed it is going to be, and the less variety it is going to have and that was especially the case with True Crime: Streets of L.A. with repetition being a big problem with the game.

Another thing to take note is that True Crime: Street’s of L.A.’s map is 240 square miles as compared to GTA: San Andreas’s 13.9 square mile map.

I don’t think Rockstar North is a developer that would sacrifice game quality in favour for a ridiculously huge map that has vast empty (useless) spaces or areas that look exactly the same as other areas.


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  • Niklas Griffiths

    I remember playing true crime la, I don’t remember it being bigger than sanandreas, and I completed the game.

    • idiots

      its huge

      • Niklas Griffiths

        GTA V will be bigger than double the size of Skyrim, enough said!

  • 8 Ball

    I wish there was a way for R* to release just enough info that people would stop worrying about the scale of the game and whatnot, and just reassure their fanbase that it is going to be as huge as they say it is without showing us everything all at once like 2K does with all of its games. There’s 2 sides of the spectrum and I’d rather it be hidden from me prior to release than to be spoiled with it and know everything before the game comes out, but the downside to having it hidden is that all the news we get is speculation, old news and random articles like this one cause in reality, nobody knows what to expect. I’m sure it wont be long before they release some news, but in the mean time, I think i must’ve read 50 articles speculating about the size of the map with no real NEWS in them.

  • Dec82

    another day another stupid article you know you idiots are doing to be out of business when gtav is released

  • urgay

    i love how the headline reads Bigger Then Skyrim Map and talks about TC: LA WTF?

  • Ace Marlow

    Ummm, what the fuck does this have to do with Skyrim?

  • Derringer Duo

    Seriously? This article has NOTHING to do with the title. Nothing at all. Came here looking for a definitive answer to whether or not GTA V will be bigger than Skyrim, and instead get an article about True Crime: Streets of L.A..