GTA 5 Cities News Las Venturas and San Fierro


The ultimate GTA would have Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Liberty City and Vice City all on one huge map.

The area between Los Santos and Las Venturas would be desert, once you got past Las Venturas, the terrain would be swampland to represent the Everglades, then beyond that would be Vice City.

Ultimate GTA 5

Moving northwards from Vice City, there would be farmland with perhaps the Kentucky Derby race track as a nod to Kentucky being between Vice City and the next destination, Liberty City, which would be at the top right of the map. From there, you would head west over a mountainous area which could represent the mountain states of Montana and Wyoming.

You would then come to San Fierro at the top left of the map. From there, a recreation of route 66 and it’s scenery would take you back to Los Santos. As a side note, the northern edge of this map could be bordered by the Great Lakes such as Lake Superior.

Obviously Lake Superior does not stretch across all the way to San Francisco in real life but this is a only game so I’m sure this could be excused.

Written by Borras81

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