GTA 5 Golf Course Swing A Golf Club Like Tiger Woods


Now I’m no expert of golf, I don’t watch it, I know nothing about it and the only version I’ve ever played is the miniature one.

However, I do know that they have to be pretty large, especially a full 18 hole course.

As most of us at GTA V community know, an 18 hole golf course was confirmed as far back as November last year.

The GTA V Golf Course

Many people on the community, as well as those CVG map-makers who’ve actually seen the demo of the game, have speculated that the location circled in red below is the golf course:


It looked rather small to be an 18 hole golf course to me so I decided to overlay it onto a map of GTA IV to get an idea of it’s size.

Here it is in red over Middle Park:


As you can see it is almost exactly the size of half of Middle Park.

Is it just me or is this MUCH too small to be an 18 hole golf course? There is no evidence for another possible golf course in the city.

We do know, however, that there will be a golf course in the city from trailer 1:


So what do you think? Is this golf course just a 9 hole course, with the full course out in the countryside somewhere? Is this not the golf course at all, with the real course being located somewhere in a part of the city that isn’t shown on the segment of the map that has been revealed?

Perhaps I know nothing and this is the 18 hole course and half of Middle Park is an adequate size for a full golf course? Or maybe it is actually large, Rockstar may have drastically increased the lengths of runways for GTA V making the scaling above incorrect.

Golfers, get in here.

If you’re concerned that I may be an idiot who messed up the scaling between the 2 cities and want to know how I did it, here you go:

I measured the length of one of the runways in the Los Santos airport. I then used some simple trigonometry to calculate the x and y components for the LC runway using the required length of the hypotenuse (the angle of the runway on the LC map is 42.3 degrees from the horizontal).

Then by using ratios and proportions I scaled the whole LC map using these x and y components. This made the scale of the 2 cities equal.

Since you can’t see the whole LS runway, I took it as being slightly longer than it probably is, meaning that the size of the golf course is probably even smaller than it is as shown above, compared to Middle Park.

Remember this was done under the assumption that the runways in Los Santos are the same length as the runways in Liberty City.


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  • Will

    Garbage article. Quit speculating about things like this. I’m sure if Rockstar confirmed an 18 hole golf course then there is an 18 hole golf course, and it looks like it will be somewhere in the city.



  • Niklas Griffiths

    Retard, the map of gta iv is MUCH smaller than the map of gta v.. Los santos is bigger than those 3 citys combined, so that spot is much bigger than the fucking park you compared to from iv..

    • fire115

      some people do not use their brains, scale of the maps is clearly different, you can barely make out individual streets on GTA V map. what an idioto…

      • Niklas Griffiths

        True that!

    • Trevor Foreplay

      Don’t call people fucking retards you dick riding bastard. You’ve commented on EVERY fucking GTA article on here. He said he calculated the scale of the map using the length of the runway. The urban area of los Santos is smaller than that of LC. the rural areas are larger. He didn’t use the map as the scale he used the runway. Give the guy a fucking break and shut the fuck up. Douchebag…

      • Niklas Griffiths

        Do you even believe in the bullshit that comes from you?

      • Niklas Griffiths

        So I commented on every GTA article here? that must mean you’re stalking me! WTf perv!

  • hunter

    Tiger Woods? Where is that?