GTA 5 Map Size – Is GTA V Smaller Than Previous GTAs?


San Andreas is actually 13.9 square miles big, not 12.8 square miles.

Just by taking a look at the official statements regarding the map size of GTA V, it is clear that Red Dead Redemption can not be bigger than San Andreas; it’s more the size of Liberty City in GTA IV, perhaps slightly smaller/bigger.

Is GTA V Bigger Than GTA: San Andreas?

Red Dead Redemption (6.5 square miles; it might be a bit off), San Andreas (13.9 square miles) and GTA IV (6.25 square miles) combined would be 26.65 square miles if we would take it word-by-word, which we shouldn’t do. If we go by the statement that the land area of GTA V is 3.5 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption, then the result would be 22.75 square miles.

If we include the underwater area, then the result would be 32.5 square miles and to be honest, that already sounds a bit too big.

Let’s go by Choco Taco’s statement that Red Dead Redemption is around 5.5 square miles big: 3.5 times of it would 19.25 square miles, and the underwater environment would be around 8.25 square miles big; that are 27.5 square miles in total of underwater and land area.

Just by reading all that, it should be more than clear that there is absolutely no way that Red Dead Redemption is bigger than San Andreas, not even close. Not everything that Rockstar and Dan Houser says is necessarily true.

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